Alaska Skydive Center

Welcome to Alaska Skydive Center - the Last Frontier's premier drop zone. Come experience the thrill of Alaska at altitude. We specialize in everything from a first tandem jump to accelerated free-fall training, both with the option of professional videography or still-frame photography. Experienced skydivers are also always welcome to join us for a jump with locals or solo. ASC is just a short distance from Anchorage, located in Palmer, AK in the heart of "The Valley" at the Palmer Municipal Airport.

Skydiving is always a unique and thrilling adventure - skydiving in Alaska is an epic adventure - and we can accommodate jumpers of all experience levels. For beginners, a Tandem Jump allows you to experience all aspects of freefall and being under canopy with the safety and benefits of being harnessed with a highly trained instructor and the convenience of very little training required. Tandem jumps are ideal for those who just want to check skydiving off their bucket list or, for those who are interested in becoming a licensed skydiver, the tandem jump with ASC can begin your Skydiving A License training. Upon arrival at the DZ, you will be manifested for your flight (note: at our DZ you will have a greater chance of jumping if you book your skydive earlier in the day - winds tend to pick up in Palmer in the afternoon - book the early morning skydives for best results). After manifest, your training instructor will brief you on tandem jump safety and logistics, and then you will be outfitted for your jump. Once your flight comes up, you will board our Cessna 206 and climb to 10,000ft. On a clear day during the climb to altitude, it's possible to experience exquisite views of Denali, Mount Hunter, Mount Foraker, and the central Alaska Range, not to mention a bird's-eye view of the 25-mile long Knik Glacier while in flight. As a Tandem skydiver you will exit the plane with your harness attached to your instructor's, and freefall for approximately 45 seconds before your instructor signals you to check your altimeter and open the parachute. After opening, you will be under canopy for approximately four minutes experiencing - simultaneously - the thrill of non-motorized flight and some of the most amazing views Alaska has to offer - the Chugach Mountains, majestic Pioneer Peak and the Knik Glacier, the Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge, and the braided Matanuska River.

For an additional fee, your entire adventure can be documented by a professional videographer. Documentation will begin with a pre-flight interview and will continue in the aircraft, in freefall, and coming in to land followed by a post-flight interview. Videos are edited with music and given to the skydiver on a jump drive.

We encourage beginners, students of the sport, and licensed skydivers, alike, to visit us at the Alaska Skydive Center. Regardless of your level of experience, you will be impressed by one of the most scenic skydiving adventures in the world.

Our Team - Dedicated, Adventurous Humans!

Your Questions

You'll have to find out for yourself - its impossible to describe! We can tell you that you do not experience the "elevator" or "roller-coaster" feeling that people associate with being the victim of a rapid fall.
It is normal to feel apprehensive about jumping from "a perfectly good" airplane - but remember, there are no perfectly good airplanes! The ride to altitude in the aircraft is typically where most students feel the most anxiety, but few jumpers report feeling anything but exhilaration once they've left that door!
Yes, you will be able to breathe in freefall, but it can feel different because of the high velocity at which you will be traveling.
For a tandem jump, we will provide an ASC jumpsuit. Underneath you should wear casual, comfortable clothing suitable for the projected temperatures that day. Shorts, leggings, yoga pants, jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. are all appropriate. Wear lace-up athletic shoes.
Yes, there is a weight limit of 220lbs for males and 180lbs for females.
The wait time depends upon the day, time, and the size of the tandem group. It can be 1-4 hours. Plan on spending half a day. Additionally, please note that the weather at our dropzone tends to be more conducive to skydiving earlier in the day or later in the evening - the wind can pick up in the afternoon.
It is recommended that spectators arrive 30 minutes after you do since you will be receiving instruction for the first 20-30 minutes at the dropzone.
USPA is the governing body of skydiving in the United States. The acronym stands for the United States Parachute Association.
The United States Parachute Association (USPA) has set the guidelines to obtain Skydive A License. A-license certification requires you to fulfill 25 jumps and achieve proficiency. For more information, contact ASC about our Alaska Skydiver Program.
The first three count towards your license.
Most jumps will transfer; please contact us with more information regarding where you started your training and how many jumps you've completed.
Yes, AAD's are required for all skydivers.