I have a Pair of Student Javelin for sale. They have done great for us and we have upgraded. If you are looking for a few student Javelin to start a dropzone or add to your gear these will do the job. Main Risers, Dbag Static line Ready, AAD Ready, Pilot Chute, Adjustable Harness, Left AFF BOC, B12 snaps.

This is Container only. I pulled the reserve for a new container.

This is a great Student rig to get you started or expand your fleet.


   Manufacture - Sun path

   Model - Javelin Student SJ-5

   Size - Adjustable

   Serial # - 3359

   DOM - 10/92

  Main size - Navigator 260 -300

   Jumps - ??


Got Questions about the rig contact us. This rig will not be around for long.

Postal adress: 820 E Aircraft RD Suite 100, Palmer AK 99645

Phone: (907)715-4300

Email: jump@laskaskydivecenter.com