Packing course is a sure fire way to leanr how to pack. You have been haning around the dropzone and have been shown how to pack by a person or two. There are different methods and ways to get the parachute back into the container so you can go back up. We will show you the Alaska Way. the way we pack at ASC.
Schedule a packing class once you have mode it to Level 8 (ASP 8). You will need to be signed off on packing prior to getting your a License. This is a requirement for your A licnese. Other times would be goo would be weather days. On weather days it is a great time for a packing class. What is a packing class? A packing class is about 4 hours long and may be split of over 2 seesions. We start out with the Anotomy of a Skydiving Rig/parachute. The more you know about the parachute system the easier they are to pack. We then will demostrate and walk you through a pack job start to finish.