3way Scramble

3way - Scramble

Tandem skydiving is the gateway to flying in the sky

   Radom 3 way team

   4 Dive Flows

   Bragging rights for 1 year


The Scamble

This will be the first annual 3 way Scramble. Get your RW suits ready this is a belly event. Thei s will be a 3 way team with 4 dive flows. Teams will be choosen random kinda. Names will be put into a hat and draw. There are 3 levels. 1st level lowest jump numbers 2nd level middle jump numbers and 3rd highest jump numbers. after we split everyone up into there jump number group we will draw 1 from each group to make up the team of 3. Then the planning and scheeming starts.

The event Fee is $25. This will include entry fee and tshirt. Each participant will pay for their slot and split the cost of the video spot. This will be $40 per jump out of the Cessna.This event will start on Saturday 25 May 2019 and will go through the weekend if nessacary for weather or anyone that can not make it on Saturday. Please let us know if you are not able to make it Saturday and we will see if we can accomadate. We are hoping to get at least 9-12 people to come out for the event. This can be a lot of fun.

The Dive Flows

 Dive Flow 1 TBD

 Dive Flow 2 TBD

 Dive Flow 3 TBD

 Dive Flow 4 the secret one


Canopy Course

We are planning a Canopy course with SUPERIOR FLIGHT SOLUTIONS. Greg Windmiller will be coming up and this will be the best course you will be able to find and you do not need to travel for this.

Dates: June 20-23 2019
Cost: $210 Per Day
Pre-register: Yes (must pre register there is a minimum needed and if we don't have then the course will not be put on)


Videoing a landing during an Essential Skills Course at Connecticut Parachutist Inc. Photo courtesy of SkydivingStills.com

This course meets the requirements of the B license application as well as completes the canopy proficiency card required by USPA.

Not only will you learn necessary basic skills required to obtain your B License, but you will also learn additional survival skills that every jumper should know. This course goes above and beyond your basic canopy course.

You do not need to be an A licensed skydiver to attend this course but you must be cleared to self supervise and have completed your hop and pops. At the completion of the course, the B license exam will be administered at no additional charge.

It is a recommendation that you get a packer for this course.

If you have never attended a formal canopy course, this course is for you as well.


Filming an advanced student at Connecticut Parachutist Inc. Photo courtesy of SkydivingStills.com

Designed for jumpers that have already been through a basic or essential skills canopy course or that already have the necessary skills required to attend an advanced course.

This course teaches more advanced techniques which enables canopy pilots to get more performance out of their wings and become safer pilots by learning more about their canopies and also the fundamentals of progressing safely.

Skills building will be tailored to swoopers and non-swoopers alike. Wherever you are in your current abilities is where we will start and progress from there.

Participants of the Essential Skills Course may easily transition into this course. 


Offered for the past 5 years, this was the first and only course offered to tandem instructors in the U.S. The purpose of the course is to provide additional training on how to improve landings and lessen the chances of injuring students. This course focuses on consistent soft landings, accuracy, how to avoid/handle turbulence and other unforeseen issues. This course is a must for DZs wanting to improve or maintain their safety record.