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Management Team

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Shannon Jardine

DropZone Owner
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Tammy Jardine

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Tom Lanners

Safety and Training Advisor
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Jason Moore

DropZone Manager

The Sky Crew

Shannon Jardine

Known Aliases: Toothless, The Toothless Wonder

Shannon has been skydiving since 1995 when he made his first skydive at Desert Skydive Center and has been jumping in Alaska since 2000. He is a Captain on the Kuparuk Fire Department and EMT III and works on the North Slope of Alaska where safety is number one priority. He brings his workplace knowledge to ASC to make sure our drop zone is safe and running like a well-oiled machine.

Ratings: Tandem, Accelerated FreeFall, Static Line, Instructor Assisted Deployment, Coach, FAA Parachute Master Rigger



Tom Lanners

Known Alias: Captain America

Tom was born and raised in Alaska and grew up enjoying outdoor activities like snow machining, hunting, and camping. He got into skydiving when his dad bought them both a tandem jump for his 21st birthday. He kept at it and his dad didn't. When he's not skydiving or base jumping he's normally thinking about skydiving or base jumping. Some fun facts: He's 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Italian and 1/2 German. He's got a great sense of humor (at least he thinks so). Darkest Secrets: He wholeheartedly believes that Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On is an awesome song and deserved all the awards it got. Also, not many people know that the Twilight films are loosely based on his life. Come out and Skydive with him!

Ratings: Tandem, Static Line, Instructor Assisted Deployment, Coach, FAA Parachute Senior Rigger



Jeremy van Wulven

Known Aliases: Xolo Mayor, Jeremy van Wolfman

Jeremy has been skydiving since 2009, he is a BASE jumper, Master Rigger, and video flyer who has experienced some of the most renowned jumps in the world including the Blue Hole, the San Diego Coronado Bridge BASE jump (for which he received community service), and the half-time jump into the Club Tijuana Soccer Stadium dressed as (the lovable, but sometimes violent, mascot) Xolo Mayor.  He has served as a rigger for several military courses worldwide.  Fun Facts: To serve the community after the Coronado Bridge jump he did a demo jump for the San Diego County Motor Officers Association police motorcycle competition - bet he learned his lesson. He can grow a full beard in two seconds. He is a SANS member (the Society for Advancement of Naked Skydiving). Darkest Secret: He truly believes that naked skydiving is appropriate. 

Ratings: Tandem, Coach, Master Rigger



Bryan Maracle

Known Alias: 

Some impressive stats on Mr. Maracle are coming soon... check back!

Ratings: Wait for it. 



Stephen Kasprisin

Known Alias:

Some impressive stats on Mr. Kasprisin are coming soon... check back!

Ratings: TBD




Jason Moore - Videographer

Known Alias: Squirrel

Jason has been skydiving since 2002 when he and his fearless wife, Tara, jumped together for the first time (Note: she is fearless not because of her love of freefall but because she freefell in love with this guy). He is Alaska Skydive Center's chief videographer.  His most memorable jump was another jump that he did with his wife when they choreographed an airborne fight scene, donned Ninja suits, and went for it.  Unfortunately for Jason, he got a bit carried away during freefall and accidentally punched Tara in the head.  Then, he accidentally ran his face into her fist... three times. Fun Facts: "Hey, you wanna be my girlfriend for six days?" is his most successful pick-up line. Jason's favorite thing to do is to hang out with his kids (Lucy, Mikael, and Ozzy) when he's not racing Alaska's Iron Dog snowmobile race, riding his timbersled up Mt. Alyeska on a whim, or chasing down skydivers in freefall. Darkest Secret: The location of the Ninja Jump video footage. 

Ratings: AFF, Coach


Our Passion is Skydiving

The ASC team is dedicated to introducing people to the sport of Skydiving with safety as the top priority. 

Come meet the ASC family and see what it's all about!


image by Tara

Dave "Stych" Marquez

Chief Pilot
image by Tara

Britt Goudey

image by Squirrel

John Sanborn


The Ground Crew

Cole Blydenburgh, Packer

Known Alias: Double O Cole

Levi Farris, Packer

Known Alias: Fevi Larris Hoss Man State Champ Future Homeowner

Garret Blydenburgh, Packer

Known Alias: Big Air Garr

Maisie Zugg, Manifest

Known Alias: A-Maisie

Claudia Blydenburgh, Manifest

Known Alias: Natacha, Wifey