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The Alaska Skydiver Program from ASC is up and running.  This is an opportunity to earn your Skydive A License exclusively with our drop zone.  In order to earn your license, the USPA mandates a certain number of jumps during which you must prove proficiency in various tasks.  The first three jumps are progressive tandem jumps, followed by 17 proficiency jumps and a final graduation jump.  During the 17 proficiency jumps you will need to master certain elements of skydiving including (but not limited to) releases and heading control, barrel rolls, loops, slides, docking, a complete A License Checkout Dive and two Hop & Pops (low altitude exit and opening).  Pricing for the ASC Alaska Skydiver Program is as follows:

Alaska Skydiver Program Pricing 
First Skydive (Tandem Level I) $300** Welcome to the sky!
Tandem level II-III $250/jump** Discount to $199/jump** when purchased the same day as Tandem Level I*** 
Alaska Skydiver Program $100** Enrollment Fee
ASP Proficiency Jumps 1-17 $175/jump** Inclusive of gear, training, etc. 
Graduation Jump FREE Congratulations, only four more solo jumps until your A-License!
ASP All-Inclusive Package $3,991* (includes all fees) $3886* if Tandems II and III are purchased the same day as Tandem I***

Please contact ASC for more information.


*Includes all fees and card transaction; cash price for all-inclusive package is $3875. If Tandems II and III are purchased the same day as Tandem I total is $3773

**Individual jump prices are cash prices; 3% additional convenience charge for card transactions

***Must be redeemed by the same jumper, no expiration date


The Alaska Skydiver Package is all-inclusive option resulting in your Skydive A License.  

Students who sign up and pay in full when they book will be given a $200 discount.

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