Tandem Skydive - The Start of your new life


Tandem skydiving is the gateway to flying in the sky

  SKYDIVING is known to be


  Life Changing


The Skydive

Skydiving is always a unique and thrilling adventure - skydiving in Alaska is an epic adventure - and Alaska Skydive Center can accommodate jumpers of all experience levels. For beginners, a Tandem Jump allows you to experience all aspects of freefall and being under canopy with the safety and benefits of being harnessed with a highly trained instructor and the convenience of very little training required. Tandem jumps are ideal for those who just want to check skydiving off their bucket list or, for those who are interested in becoming a licensed skydiver, the tandem jump with ASC can begin your Skydiving A License training. Upon arrival at the DZ, you will be manifested for your flight (note: at our DZ you will have a greater chance of jumping if you book your skydive earlier in the day - winds tend to pick up in Palmer in the afternoon - book the early morning skydives for best results). After manifest, your training instructor will brief you on tandem jump safety and logistics, and then you will be outfitted for your jump. Once your flight comes up, you will board our Cessna 206 and climb to 10,000ft. On a clear day during the climb to altitude, it's possible to experience exquisite views of Denali, Mount Hunter, Mount Foraker, and the central Alaska Range, not to mention a bird's-eye view of the 25-mile long Knik Glacier while in flight. As a Tandem skydiver you will exit the plane with your harness attached to your instructor's, and freefall for approximately 45 seconds before your instructor signals you to check your altimeter and open the parachute. After opening, you will be under canopy for approximately four minutes experiencing - simultaneously - the thrill of non-motorized flight and some of the most amazing views Alaska has to offer - the Chugach Mountains, majestic Pioneer Peak and the Knik Glacier, the Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge, and the braided Matanuska River. .

Tandem Requirements

  • DEPOSIT where applicable is NOT REFUNDABLE unless otherwise stated.
  • You must be AT LEAST 18 and provide valid picture ID on the day of jump.
  • You must weight 220 POUNDS OR LESS and be in proportion with your height. SEE CHART BELOW
  • All customers will be evaluated by an instructor for height weight proportion and may be refused depending on the outcome of the instructor’s evaluation. This is for your safety.
  • Rescheduling is allowed with 5 DAYS NOTICE or if we cancel due to BAD WEATHER.
  • You must sign a legal waiver of rights to participate.
  • ASC reserves the right to refuse service to any unruly or difficult customers for any reason with no refunds.
  • If you are late for your appointment we can not guarantee that you will be able to jump that day.
  • Wear sneakers and comfortable clothing (no collared shirts or tank tops please).
  • Rain Checks will be issued for all situations resulting in no skydiving.
  • I UNDERSTAND I will spend at least FOUR HOURS at the dropzone.

Height Weight Proportion chart

This chart is a general guide line for body types the harness will fit safely. The instructors have the final say if some one can be fitted properly.